Chat wrap: Can Jones learn from Snyder?

Some highlights from our regular weekly NFC East chat, which took place Tuesday:

Les (East Windsor, NJ): Assuming Victor Cruz returns to the Giants, what do you see as the pecking order behind him and Hakeem Nicks?

Dan Graziano: I think they'd like Rueben Randle to take a big jump forward and be the next guy in that pecking order. But they brought in Louis Murphy for returns and he could factor in. And they still think Jerrel Jernigan has something to offer. Competition will decide.

Tony D (Guam): Am I the only one that doesn't get all the hate for Doug Free. After getting flip flopped on the line the past couple of years, this might be the reason for his skid. I was watching highlights from just 3 years ago and the dude was mean. Best case scenario, I would like to see a pay cut and stay on the roster. Thoughts?

DG: But come on. The reason for the flip flop was how bad he was on the left side in 2011. You're right about the way he played in 2010, but since the contract he hasn't been remotely the same. Judging on the last two years, he's one of the worst starting tackles in the entire league.

Fran Mc (Philly): A lot of experts are predicting that Eagles' Matt Barkley starts year 2 or 3. My question is why are they assuming his better than Nick Foles? They're from the same conference. Foles was drafted a round higher.

DG: But by a different coaching staff. Look, the plain fact is, anyone who's "predicting" anything about the Eagles' QB situation, this year, next year or the year after, is guessing.

Kenny J (Martinsburg): Has Dan Snyder finally grown into a very good and responsible owner, and will Jerry Jones ever do the same?

DG: I think Snyder has honored his contractual promise to stay in the background and let Shanahan run the team the way he wants to run it. I don't imagine Jones will ever make such a promise.