Breakfast links: All-time greatest coaches

Good morning. You may have noticed this on our site Tuesday, but we have have begun a large series on the greatest coaches in NFL history. It includes a number of interesting features that we will analyze on this blog in the coming days and weeks, including a top-20 countdown and the opportunity for fans to be a part of it. Let Trey Wingo fill you in on the details. It's pretty cool. I hope you enjoy. As I said, we'll get to it a little bit later. For now, though, links.

New York Giants

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch says he's confident that Victor Cruz "will be a Giant," which means either that the team expects to get a long-term contract extension done with Cruz or that Tisch thinks Cruz has a great deal more growing to do. But if it was that, then it'd be "giant" with a lowercase "g." So it's probably the first thing. But you never know.

Duke University coach David Cutcliffe is telling potential recruits they have a chance to be like Eli Manning if they come to Durham to play for him.

Philadelphia Eagles

Ben Muth of Football Outsiders believes Lane Johnson has enough talent to develop into a great left tackle in the NFL. However, at the moment Ben considers Johnson "a pretty horrific fundamental pass-blocker." So that's something to watch out for, no?

Eager for some definition or resolution to the Eagles' starting quarterback competition? Well, sorry. Jeff McLane says to settle in for the long haul on this one.

Washington Redskins

There is a great deal to like about Robert Griffin III, but the Redskins' super-young superstar hasn't been able to steer completely clear of controversy during his short time in the NFL so far. The latest is the flare-up over his wedding gift registry. Rich Campbell writes that Griffin has a chance to head off an image problem, which I imagine he'll be able to do without too much trouble.

If you're planning to go see the Redskins in training camp this summer, you'll have to go to Richmond, Va. Here are some pictures of what things look like down there as they work to finish the facility in time.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo says he's "not an 8-8 quarterback," and in truth his record as an NFL quarterback is 56-41, so he's right about that. However, he did go 8-8 in each of the past two seasons and it's clear he shares his critics' frustration about that troublesome fact.

Dez Bryant says his quiet offseason hasn't been a coincidence, and that it's actually the result of him finding a degree of comfort and peace that had eluded him in his personal life prior to this year. We shall see. Bryant's reputation is such that he could stay out of trouble for the next five years and still, the next time something goes wrong, everybody would say, "See? Same old troublemaker." He's going to have to stay boring.