RG III throws, runs, speaks, dresses weird

Yeah, it's a second straight Robert Griffin III post, and yeah, I'm well aware of it. You want to see the numbers?

The Washington Redskins had an organized team activities (OTAs) practice Thursday, and Griffin spent some time on the field throwing and running. He's not practicing, since he's still recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. And the photo in this Washington Post story does make it appear as though he's been attacked by the alien symbiote that turned Eddie Brock into Venom after Peter Parker was able to rid himself of it. But Griffin used his post-practice news conference to try and ease concerns about everything from his knee to his relationship with coach Mike Shanahan:

“The knee feels great,” Griffin said. “I’m able to do all the stuff out there without any hesitation.”


The Redskins begin training camp July 25, and Griffin said: “My goal is to be out there for training camp.”

Of the season, Griffin said: “I want to be ready for Week 1. That’s my goal. … (But) I’m not going to risk my career to play one game.”


Griffin said that he and Coach Mike Shanahan, who was sharply criticized for allowing Griffin to continue playing in the playoff game in which he re-injured his knee, “hashed everything out.”

Asked whether his relationship with Shanahan or the coaching staff needed to be repaired, Griffin said: “Coach and them, they know exactly what they’re doing. We’ve had some talks about the offense.”

He said he “didn’t have a problem” with how he was used in the Redskins’ offense last season but he thinks the injury “clouded” the team’s success and “left a bad taste.”

Indeed it did, and the management of Griffin and his health will therefore be the primary story in Washington this offseason and throughout the 2013 season. Everything we have seen, heard and been told so far indicates that there's a reasonable chance Griffin makes it back in time to start the season. But setbacks do happen, and it's still way too early to predict anything like that with any confidence. In the meantime, Redskins fans can find comfort in the idea that Griffin and the Redskins' coaches appear to have had discussions aimed at smoothing over any hard feelings that might have lingered after the injury. It's best for all concerned that everyone get along and enjoy being very successful together.