Friday in the NFC East, video style

Hey, Dan. Whatcha been doing all day?

Why, shooting Web videos about the NFC East, of course!

Here's one we did on -- who else? -- Robert Griffin III and his continued comeback from knee surgery for the Washington Redskins. Yes, the RG III updates are treading into silly territory, and no I don't think that's going to get any better any time soon. Fundamentally, the story hasn't changed much since the surgery itself happened in January, and the key point is still that the Redskins need to be careful not to rush Griffin back, no matter how excited he, they or anyone else gets about how well his rehab is going.

If you need a Redskins fix but just can't take any more RG III, here's a little video hit on outside linebacker Brian Orakpo, who says he's 100 percent recovered from the pectoral muscle injury that ended his 2012 season in Week 2. This is a critical recovery for Washington, which needs its pass rush to dominate in order to overcome the problems in the secondary. Having Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan on the field at the same time is the only way for that pass rush to function at its peak.

I wrote a column Thursday about the Philadelphia Eagles, and the idea that Chip Kelly's biggest task is to get his players to buy into all of his cutting-edge ideas about practice and calling plays, etc. I discuss this concept in this video here, in case you wanted a refresher on the column or were too busy to read the whole thing or can only digest information from videos and not the written word. (I know there are some of you out there!)

Oh, and this here is from some video I shot for the TV folks when I was at New York Giants practice on Thursday (note the suit and tie). This is part of a longer piece that I think is still supposed to run on "SportsCenter" today or tomorrow, but in case you need your cranky Tom Coughlin fix, I'm here for you.

Click the links. Watch the videos. It'll feel like we're hanging out together. It'll make my bosses like me more. It'll be a real neat way for us all to go into the weekend having fun talking football like we like to do. Thanks for your kind attention to this matter. You guys are the reason the cameras keep rolling.