A new voice for the Cowboys' WRs

Here's my friend Calvin on new Dallas Cowboys wide receivers coach Derek Dooley, whose background is as a college head coach and whose approach is different from that of predecessor Jimmy Robinson, according to Dwayne Harris:

"A lot different," Harris said. "Jimmy was more of a receivers coach. Dooley is more of a technician. He wants us to get our routes (down), I think Robinson was a different type of coach. It wasn’t about technique with him, just play football."

Which I think is good, especially for Harris and top wide receiver Dez Bryant, whose raw talent is enough to make him a top receiving option in the NFL but whose ceiling will only rise if he learns to appreciate the value of the technical aspects of his position and the importance of working on them. We talk a lot about the evolution of NFL players depending on their willingness to view their position as a craft. With someone like Bryant, whose talent is off the charts, an appreciation of the finer points of the wide receiver position -- footwork, cuts, route running, using your body to shield the ball, finding the ball in traffic before the defenders do, etc. -- can only help bring that talent forward more quickly and effectively. If Bryant and Dooley hit it off, it sounds as though the partnership could be an extremely beneficial one.