RG III aims for start of training camp

Yeah, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III talked again Thursday about his recovery from offseason knee surgery, and when asked if the start of training camp -- some seven weeks from now -- is a realistic goal for his return to the field, Griffin said, "without a doubt." Asked to expand on that, he said this, according to quotes released by the team:

“One, it is a mindset, and then two, it is just how I felt and how it’s progressed. Like you said, over the last three weeks, you know, I’ve had a lot of progress and I feel a lot better. So, if you think -- I think training camp’s a month, month-and-a-half away? Two months? -- I feel really good about that and the start of the season is even farther than that. I feel good about that and that’s why I say without a doubt.”

As usual, my first reaction here is, "Why the hurry?" Isn't the priority to maintain and protect the long-term health of a knee that's now had reconstructive surgery twice? Why risk over-promising? Why raise any expectations, either your own or those of your fans, when it's simply not necessary on June 6?

But if you look at what Griffin actually said Thursday, it's a lot more reasonable than all of that. He didn't say that he'd "without a doubt" be ready for the start of training camp. He said it was a realistic goal. And based on the way he feels right now, why shouldn't it be? There are bound to be setbacks and slower periods of recovery than he's so far experienced, but to this point it's all gone well and he's upbeat about it. His comments seem simply to reflect that, as did his common-sense response to an attempt to compare his recovery to the one Adrian Peterson made last year:

“Yeah, I mean, I’m not Adrian, but when it comes to the pressure of coming back from the injury, it’s like the old saying, ‘You only feel pressure when you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re not confident in what you’re doing.’ I feel confident in what the coaches are going to do with me, I feel confident in what I’ve been working with, with Larry -- Larry Hess in the training room -- and those guys. I feel confident in my body and the way it has been responding, so there is no pressure there. It is just a matter if I am ready, I go. If I am not ready, I sit.”

Perfectly fine and reasonable. The Redskins have a mandatory minicamp next week, and there surely will be more RG III updates at that time. I say we're still a very long way from knowing whether he'll be back for any of training camp (let alone the start) or regular-season games. But if you're a Redskins fan looking for reasons to feel optimistic, Griffin is happy to share his with you. Without a doubt, it's okay to be upbeat and positive in early June.