Watkins: Cowboys should cut Josh Brent

The Dallas Cowboys are signing a defensive tackle named Jeris Pendleton, and they're going to need to make room on the roster for him. Calvin Watkins has an idea on how to clear a spot, and it makes a fair amount of sense: Cut nose tackle Josh Brent.

Brent is on the reserve/non-football illness list and isn't costing the Cowboys any money as he awaits a resolution of his legal situation. He is being charged with intoxication manslaughter for the car crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown in December. Brown's mother asked the team to support Brent, with whom she's close, but as Calvin points out, they more than have:

The Cowboys have bent over backward with support. They've allowed him to use the facilities to work out, talk to team counselors and kept him on the roster. The Cowboys can release Brent and still remain supportive. Now, his availability to the team facility could be limited because he's no longer a member of the franchise, but his teammates reach out to him all the time.

Coach Jason Garrett and Jones, along with others in the front office, can continue to speak with him.

Brent's almost certainly going to have to go to jail. This isn't his first drunk-driving offense. The odds of him playing for the Cowboys again any time soon are infinitesimally small, and there's a decent chance his football career could be over as well. The only reason to keep him on the roster is as a favor to Brent himself, and there likely will come a time when that's no longer worth it to them.