Breakfast links: Jason Peters arrested

Back home after my minicamp travels and a significant amount of time waiting out construction on the I-95 corridor, I present to you some bleary-eyed Thursday links.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins will bring a couple of new wide receivers to training camp with them next month, as they have signed speedy veterans Donte Stallworth and Devery Henderson. No way to say for certain to what extent these guys threaten for spots on the final roster, but they're guys who'd performed in the league and are certainly worth taking a look at as potential passing-game weapons.

Sometimes, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says something that makes you wonder if he's ever paid any attention, at all, to any aspect of the topic he's discussing. In a letter to Congress, Goodell referred to the Redskins' names as "a unifying force." I mean... whatever else it is, it sure as heck ain't "unifying," Rog.

Dallas Cowboys

Guess who the star of Cowboys minicamp practice was on Wednesday. That's right. Dez Bryant. You know this blog isn't surprised.

Tyrone Crawford has been lining up at defensive end in the Cowboys' new 4-3 front seven alignment, and he says that's the way he sees himself. The Cowboys believed Crawford was ready to contribute as a pure pass-rusher even going into last year, so they surely believe he can find his way to the quarterback from a 4-3 end spot. It remains to be seen how much his game develops beyond that.

New York Giants

A healthy Terrell Thomas would likely change everyone's outlook on the Giants' secondary, and Thomas says he's going to "shock a lot of people" this year. There's no way for the Giants to count on a contribution from Thomas, but if he surprises them with one, it would be a huge help to a unit fraught with question marks.

Veterans don't like it when their teams draft players who play their position, and Giants backup quarterback David Carr admits he "would have freaked out" at the Giants' selection of Ryan Nassib if the same situation had happened to him earlier in his career. Now? Carr pretty much rolls with things.

Philadelphia Eagles

This is the dangerous portion of the offseason, when players are away from their teams for an extended period of time and the only news they can make is bad news. To wit: Eagles left tackle Jason Peters arrested in Louisiana on charges of drag racing and resisting an officer by flight. Not good. The NFL has been known to suspend players for second arrests, which this is for Peters.

Evan Mathis talks sense about this whole Eagles starting quarterback issue. Like the man who will ultimately decide, Mathis doesn't see any reason to rush a decision or an announcement on this.