Breakfast links: Redskins injury recoveries

Morning. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We head now into a relatively dark period for NFL news -- the dead zone between minicamps and training camps, during which time players are away from their teams and apt to make only the wrong kind of news. If there isn't much written about your team for the next month, you have license to be happy about that. So let's see what we've got for links, shall we?

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will be one of the first teams to open training camp. Their first practice is on July 21 in Oxnard, Calif. In the meantime, as Todd Archer writes, the key questions include the health of Tony Romo's back and the fitness of offensive coordinator Bill Callahan to balance his old role as offensive line coach with his new one as playcaller.

Jason Hatcher has a half-brother he's never met, but that's about to change and Hatcher is looking forward to establishing a relationship with a newly discovered member of his family.

New York Giants

The biggest offseason issue for the Giants, Paul Schwartz writes, was a player who didn't set foot on the practice field, and the Victor Cruz saga continues to hang over the team along with a couple of key injury issues as the Giants rest up.

Pretty special Father's Day for Justin Tuck, whose second child was born Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles

I have yet to watch the DeSean Jackson documentary, which was put together by his brother and chronicles Jackson's life with a focus on his relationship with his father. But I have heard very positive reviews, and it sounds fascinating. I plan to check it out, and to post on it at a later date.

For Brent Celek, it's about taking care of his body as he gets older and amasses injuries and the Eagles load up on tight ends around him on the roster.

Washington Redskins

Mike Shanahan keeps saying that he'll leave it up to the doctors to tell him when Robert Griffin III is ready to return from his knee surgery. But as Jason Reid points out, that moment will be just the beginning of the real, difficult decision-making work for Shanahan.

Brian Orakpo says he's not worried about his contract situation with one year left on his deal. For whatever it's worth, a week ago I believed the Redskins were likely to try to extend Orakpo this offseason, but after spending a couple of days at their minicamp last week and talking to people there, I now believe they intend to let him play out the deal and negotiate next offseason.