Breakfast links: Victor Cruz not in control

New York Giants

Paul Schwartz spoke to an agent who didn't want his name used but who thinks Victor Cruz's only choice right now is to take the multiyear offer the Giants have made to him. The premise is that the Giants are who they are and don't change the way they do business for any player -- they set a value, and if you don't like it, they move on with someone else. So the offer won't get any higher, and Cruz is taking too big of a risk by playing for less than $3 million this year. The options if he doesn't sign now are to have a big year and price himself out of the Giants' plans or have a subpar year and find next year's offer lower. Interesting perspective.

The Giants' tight ends coach sounds as though he thinks Adrien Robinson can start to be a factor in the passing game soon. My question is whether he can be a factor as a blocker, which is what they actually need.

Philadelphia Eagles

You may have read last week about new NFL security rules limiting the size of bags you're allowed to bring into stadiums on game days this year. The Eagles have decided to send their season-ticket holders free bags that comply with the new rules. Good idea.

A lot is being said, written and learned about the Eagles' power structure in the post-Andy Reid era, and I think it'll be a while before we have a handle on who's really in charge of what over there now.

Washington Redskins

Rich Campbell lists five reasons to believe the Redskins will repeat as NFC East champions and five reasons to believe they won't. And this may have given me an idea for some slow-week posts. Thanks, Rich!

Could 2013 be a big year in determining Mike Shanahan's future as coach of the Redskins? Mike Jones thinks it could. I imagine, in the second year of the franchise quarterback's career, coming off a division title, things would have to go pretty poorly in order for Shanahan not to get an extension beyond 2014. But you never know, I guess.

Dallas Cowboys

Miles Austin wanted more reps this offseason. The coaching staff felt it was more important that Austin's hamstrings be healthy for the regular season. The coaches got what they wanted. Their reasoning was sound. We'll see whether it works.

Remember when the Cowboys used to worry about kicker? Dan Bailey doesn't.