Breakfast links: Chris Christie, Cowboys fan

Philadelphia Eagles

SB Nation takes a look at the "interesting, albeit not terribly exciting, cast of characters" in the Eagles' quarterback competition. About right. Lots of arguments over this issue lately, but I think the important thing for Eagles fans is to keep standards and expectations low no matter who wins it. They're going to hand off. A lot.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who Snoop Lion thought the quarterback for the Eagles should be, you can click here. Hint: It's Michael Vick.

Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins has a book coming out next week. (Yes, really.) In it, he writes of a lot of things, including the moment he found out he was being drafted by the Redskins. As he has discussed a few times, he wasn't as thrilled as he expected to be.

It's not completely ridiculous to expect Jordan Reed to contribute as a rookie, but it's important to remember the Redskins look at him more as a long-term project than an immediate-impact guy. He's likely to have plenty of growing pains.

Dallas Cowboys

Third-round pick Terrance Williams agreed with the Cowboys on a four-year contract. The Cowboys plan to use Williams in three-receiver sets as a deep threat on the outside with Miles Austin playing the slot position while they and Dez Bryant are on the field together.

There's been some talk of the Cowboys bringing in Vince Young as a backup quarterback. I agree with Tim Cowlishaw, who says no. Even if it made sense from a football standpoint, I don't see how you sign Tony Romo to a $100 million contract and then create a situation in which the Texas fans who already don't appreciate it him would immediately start calling for a less qualified player to replace him.

New York Giants

Giants punter Steve Weatherford has played for both of the New York teams, but he says his time with the Giants has been so far superior to his time with the Jets that he'd "play for free," and he has bad memories of working with former Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told an elementary school assembly that he's not a Giants or Jets fan but rather a Cowboys fan. I still like his chances in November.