Newsday columnist pulls a Plax

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Bob Glauber did a nice job of mocking Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress in his column Tuesday. If you haven't discovered Bob's entertaining "What about Bob?" blog, you're not alone. The newspaper's Web site has done a nice job of burying Bob's and Tom Rock's blogs. But that's for another day.

Here's a portion of what Glauber wrote this morning:

I apologize in advance, dear reader, but I won't be writing today.

My intention was to weigh in on Giants receiver Plaxico Burress' return from a one-game suspension, but I'm just too busy. I had to pick up my younger daughter from soccer practice, because she wouldn't have been able to get home otherwise. I hope you understand. And I hope the boss understands, although I didn't call in to let him know I wouldn't be writing, because ... well ... because it was really important that I pick up my daughter ... and I really don't care what the boss thinks, anyway.

Of course, Bob didn't follow through with his threat to skip Tuesday's column, although the paper actually thought it was a good idea. Just kidding. Bob's been very sensitive since I highlighted one of Gary Myers' columns a couple of weeks ago.

I'm planning to place a call to GM Jerry Reese's office tomorrow. If anyone has a question for Jerry, now's the time to weigh in. I'm planning to write a column for Thursday about how Tom Coughlin and his players almost seem to feed off adversity. Instead of using Plaxico's absence as an excuse, the Giants rallied around it.