Breakfast links: Woke up this morning...

"You know my feelings. Every day's a gift. It's just... Does it have to be a pair of socks?" -- Tony Soprano

Washington Redskins

The Redskins still somehow have about $1.4 million in salary-cap space entering the summer break, so if they wanted to sign a veteran defensive back or someone like that, they theoretically could. Rich Campbell wonders about tackle Eric Winston, whom they liked once upon a time.

World-famous baseball writer Bill James is on the side of the people who think it's a silly idea to change the Redskins' team name. Who'd have imagined James would even care? And be capable of such backward thinking?

Dallas Cowboys

Roger Staubach thinks Tony Romo is a championship quarterback. This doesn't mean that Staubach mistakenly thinks the Cowboys have won a championship with Romo, only that he believes Romo capable of leading them to a championship. You'd like to think that support from someone as iconic as Staubach would help Romo with his Cowboy-fan critics, but I doubt it. People don't like to change the way they think, generally.

On a related matter, this somehow won't go away.

New York Giants

Former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi says Eli Manning is to the Giants what Derek Jeter is to the Yankees. Ernie must have finally got around to reading this column I wrote a year and a half ago.

Dave Jennings, a popular former Giants punter and broadcaster, has lost his fight with Parkinson's disease. I never met the man, but a lot of people I like a lot seem to have liked him a lot. RIP.

Philadelphia Eagles

Having a hard time trying to figure out Chip Kelly? Mark Saltveit has taken a whack at it. Having studied Kelly's time at Oregon extensively, Saltveit has written the book on Kelly. Literally.

In preparation for the training camp they'll hold there starting next month, the Eagles have renovated the practice fields at their NovaCare complex.