Are Giants really in mix for Vonta Leach?

OK, so free-agent fullback Vonta Leach apparently has an agent, Ralph Vitolo, who just tells you everything that's going on with his negotiations with NFL teams. It's kind of jarring, honestly. We're so used to everybody treating everything as a state secret in sports these days. Here's what Vitolo had to say to FOX 26 Sports in Houston regarding his client, who's of interest to the New York Giants:

"Nobody has been excluded," Vitolo said to the Houston television station. "You have to put Miami, Houston and the Giants in the first three.

"Kansas City is also involved and Baltimore is included in this also."


"To me Miami is the best fit because of their needs and their availability of [salary] cap room," the agent said. "I think the best overall fit is Miami, but who knows.

"He still has an interest in Houston and the Giants, the Chiefs and the Ravens. That's all predicated on can the deals be done based on the finances they have."

Everybody got it? You guys need anything else? Want to know what the exact terms of the offers are? I mean, come on. We've got nothing to hide here.

Anyway, I don't know what to tell you with regard to the Giants, who cut their best blocking running back (Ahmad Bradshaw), lost their best blocking tight end (Martellus Bennett) to free agency and may be without their very good blocking fullback, Henry Hynoski, for a while due to a knee injury. They could surely use Leach, and I'm sure it's true that they're interested. But everything I've heard says Miami is where he's going, and jeez, his agent is saying that's where he thinks Leach belongs. It sounds as though the Giants and maybe some other teams could get competitive if they could free up the salary-cap room to compete with what the Dolphins are offering, but I don't see how the Giants do that at this point in the offseason. They may be stuck.

But the guy isn't signed anywhere else yet, so technically there's still hope. Stay tuned. Sounds as though we'll all be kept posted.