Breakfast links: Giants cornerback depth

Let's see. Let's see. Anything? Bueller? Links?

Dallas Cowboys

Late last week, Calvin Watkins offered a look from inside the Cowboys' locker room at the reasons the team does not want to release troubled nose tackle Josh Brent. It's a worthwhile perspective. I believe, as I wrote last week, that the organization would be better off separating itself from Brent. But if they truly have sound personal reasons for wanting to stand by someone about whom they care, then it's kind of admirable that they're willing to take the public hit they're taking by keeping him on their roster.

Running back Joseph Randle didn't miss a single game due to injury in college, so it was unusual for him to have to sit out minicamp practices with a cast on his arm due to a broken thumb. The cast is off now, and Randle looks forward to emerging quickly in training camp later this month.

New York Giants

Do the Giants have enough depth at cornerback? Mike Eisen thinks so, and I think I agree with him. Certainly, there are quality veteran names in backup positions on the depth chart at cornerback. It's just that one of those names is Terrell Thomas, who's a complete question mark in every possible way at this point in his career. And one of the starters is Corey Webster, who was not good last year. So the questions at cornerback are more about quality than they are about quantity for the Giants.

Remember that story from a couple of months ago about how Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers had $400,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his hotel room? No? Well, anyway, they made an arrest.

Philadelphia Eagles

In this notebook, Len Pasquarelli wonders whether Eagles fourth-rounder Matt Barkley might turn out to be the best quarterback taken in the 2013 draft.

Hate to see dogfighting come up again, as it did when Eagles running back Bryce Brown had dogs seized recently in connection with a dogfighting case. But Brown has his dogs back and insists he's a victim, not a perpetrator.

Washington Redskins

Two separate studies of the 2012 season show the Redskins as one of the teams most affected by injuries. So it may be reasonable to expect this year's Redskins team to be better than last year's just because it can't have as much bad luck in the health department. I would agree, with one caveat: If quarterback Robert Griffin III isn't fully healthy all year, then it's hard to expect them to be better than they were in 2012. No matter the other injuries.

As great as Kai Forbath was on field goals in 2012, he struggled on kickoffs, and you know this matters to Mike Shanahan. Do the Redskins need to bring in another specialist just to handle kickoffs?