Breakfast links: Cowboys cornerbacks

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Also, links.

Philadelphia Eagles

Practice restrictions in minicamp and OTAs limited what the Eagles' new secondary could show, which should make the defensive backs one of the most closely watched groups in training camp later this month. They say they're developing chemistry.

Tim McManus takes a look at what he expects Chip Kelly's first Eagles training camp to look like. There will be some practices at Lincoln Financial Field open to the public, so you'll get to see what everybody's been writing about in terms of the tempo and music and everything at practice.

Washington Redskins

John Keim writes that Tyler Polumbus expects to be a better right tackle this year, as the offseason has offered the time and opportunity to work on some technique issues he couldn't get corrected during the season.

The Redskins are hoping Pierre Garcon can make it through a full 16-game season without a recurrence of last year's injury problems. They don't have much behind him at their "X" receiver spot.

Dallas Cowboys

Drew Pearson is predicting a Cowboys-Texans Super Bowl. In New Jersey. All I can say, Texas, is the weather can't be worse than it was the last time they played the Super Bowl in your state!

Got a lot of questions about Morris Claiborne in yesterday's chat for some reason. And much has been made of whether Monte Kiffin's defense is suited for the physical style of Claiborne and Brandon Carr. In general, I expect Claiborne to be a very good NFL player and to make a major leap from Year 1 to Year 2 in terms of effectiveness. As for the style of defense, I think the corners will be able to press and bail if it's a strict Tampa 2 and that Claiborne is going to fit any defense he plays.

New York Giants

We highlighted a Stats & Info post yesterday that focused on the things Victor Cruz needs to improve in order to justify the long-term commitment the Giants are poised to make to him. So it's only fair to highlight this one, which focuses on what Cruz has done to deserve the deal. And, yes, as many of you pointed out unnecessarily, we are still waiting on the details of how large the deal actually is.

Why are the Giants playing the Raiders at home this year instead of in Oakland? Didn't they play the Raiders at home four years ago when they played the AFC West? Mike Eisen explains what changed about the scheduling formula.