Breakfast links: It's Fantasy Week!

Remember last year, when we picked one of these slow July weeks and devoted a post or two a day to fantasy football-related matters having to do with our division? No? Well, I do, and I'm going to do it again. This week. That's not to say we won't touch on any "real football" issues that come up along the way. We will. It's just that it is slow and we do have a lot of very strong fantasy content on the site and drafts are coming up and, well, why not? There's barely enough news to fill up the links. Speaking of which ...

Dallas Cowboys

Lots of people are retired at Monte Kiffin's age. Kiffin is the Cowboys' new defensive coordinator. As David Moore writes, this only seems strange if you don't know Kiffin.

Josh Brent is out of jail due to a court order. Brent, who's facing intoxication manslaughter charges as a result of the car crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown last year, was sent to jail for violating his bond by failing a drug test.

New York Giants

Speaking of arrests, Dan Connor was busted for trying to get a switchblade knife through airport security. This may be the most completely NFC East arrest of all time. Connor is a former Cowboy who now plays for the Giants and got arrested in Philadelphia and accused of breaking a law that was surely passed in Washington. Clean sweep!

Did a broken hand suffered early in the season contribute to Corey Webster's down season at cornerback in 2012? One of the Giants' coaches thinks it very well may have.

Philadelphia Eagles

The coverage of the blessed event may have led you to believe that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III this weekend became the first man ever to get married. Not the case. In fact, he wasn't even the only NFC East quarterback to get married on Saturday. The Eagles' Matt Barkley tied the knot as well that very day, and I'll bet you couldn't even tell me where he was registered.

The style of play at cornerback this year in Philadelphia should be more physical and emphasize the ability to tackle, which explains why Chip Kelly picked the free-agent cornerbacks he did.

Washington Redskins

As for the RG III wedding, it was apparently as spectacular an affair as you'd expect. No reports on whether he limped through the first dance.

One of the more popular questions this offseason has been who will start opposite Pierre Garcon at wide receiver for the Redskins. Answer: It's wide open over there at the "Z" receiver spot. Josh Morgan, Leonard Hankerson and Aldrick Robinson all have plenty to prove.