Breakfast links: Cruz contract details

Morning. Let's enjoy today, shall we? You never know when we might have to go two weeks without spending any time together at all. Could be tomorrow, something like that starts, for all you know. Could very well be. Just real hard to say. Makes it that much more important to enjoy your links.

Washington Redskins

We all know the stat about how the Redskins were 9-1 when Pierre Garcon was in the lineup last year (9-2, actually, if you count the playoff game). And while this doesn't necessarily make him the best wide receiver in the league, it indicates that he's among the most valuable to his particular team.

In his latest installment of his Redskins position series, John Keim looks at the offensive line and takes up the question of whether Trent Williams is the NFL's best left tackle.

Dallas Cowboys

Asked by our man Colin Cowherd if he was capable of a 2,000-yard season like his fellow former Sooner Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray said "I think I'm capable of anything." Confidence is awesome, and I like Murray a lot, but 2,000 yards is real tough to get in just 10-12 games. Just sayin'.

Sean Lee is the defense's Murray. He's got to find a way to be able to stay on the field, but if he can do that he's capable of Pro Bowl-level things.

New York Giants

Yes, the Giants knocked about $300,000 off of their 2013 salary-cap number with the Victor Cruz contract extension. Yes, that could come in handy if they continue to pursue free-agent fullback Vonta Leach. It's not until 2016 that Cruz's cap number starts to look unmanageable, and that's the first year after the end of Eli Manning's current contract, so lots of big decisions loom around that year anyway.

How will the younger pass-rushers on the Giants factor into the defensive end rotation for the Giants this year? With Justin Tuck a question mark off of two down years, Jason Pierre-Paul coming off of back surgery and Osi Umenyiora playing for the Falcons, some of them are going to have to.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have a good number of second-year players other than Nick Foles with a chance to make a leap forward and play significant roles this year.

Lots of talk about DeSean Jackson getting the ball closer to the line of scrimmage this year. Again, not sayin', just sayin': There was talk about this last year in the summertime too. It's a real good idea, but Jackson and the coaching staff need to commit to making it happen. And they need a quarterback who can bring it off.