Why Garcon opted against foot surgery

I have lots of stuff left in my notebook from the time I spent at Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles training camp last week, not to mention the past two days at New York Giants camp, and I want to make sure to share it all with you. As I go through my notes, I'll post tidbits I feel may be of interest. And because Redskins fans often ask me why wide receiver Pierre Garcon didn't want to have surgery to repair the toe problem that bothered him all of last season, I figure the explanation he offered when I spoke with him after practice last week would be of interest.

Garcon basically said the reason he didn't want to have the foot operated on was because there was no precedent he could find for a wide receiver having that specific surgery on the specific ligament that is injured and coming back from it to be 100 percent. His concern was that the surgery might prevent him from playing again at all, or at least prevent him from playing at the high level he expects himself to play.

"It was an easy decision, because the process has never really been gone through by an NFL player to try and come back and play as a receiver where you put all your pressure on the foot you need to have surgery on," Garcon said. "If it was something else, it probably would have been a lot easier to say, 'OK, let's do it.' But the foot was so much uncertainty because it's such a small area, and there wasn't any real, for-sure research done on it that said it would help and it would cure it. So it was easy for me. I had to go through pain and continue to go through pain until it worked."

Rest and rehab were the solutions that made sense to Garcon, and he said he still has to pay attention to make sure he's taking care of his foot and doing what he can to prevent a worsening of the problem. It's clearly something that hasn't gone completely away, and indeed may not.

"I just go out there and try to run fast and play hard," Garcon said. "You have to treat it and prepare for the worst, but you can't really worry about it when you're out there running."