NFC East chat at noon ET

Yes, we are still doing the NFC East chat. Yes, it's still at noon ET on Tuesday, which is today. Yes, the way to get there is you click on these little blue letters right here any time between noon and 1 pm ET and your browser escorts you to the chat room. Once there, feel free to ask me anything. We prefer it be NFC East-related, but I'm as jacked up as the next guy that we're only five days away from a new "Breaking Bad" episode, so we can talk about that if you like, too. Heck, I covered A-Rod for five years once upon a time, so we can talk about him if you haven't had enough of that story yet.

But really, let's try our best to keep it to the NFC East. I'll still take Redskins questions, too. Though if you have one that you really would rather John Keim answer, just let me know and I'll text him or something, get you all squared away.

All right. That's it for now. See you at noon ET. It'll be a time, one way or the other.