Redskins owner Dan Synder: 'We'll improve'

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder used to change plans, typically by the offseason. Now in his 15th year of ownership, he sees value in sticking to a plan already in place. In his first public comments since training camp opened, Snyder told SiriusXM NFL radio that sticking to that path is the goal.

“My expectation is that we’ll improve and do what we’ve been doing, which has been patient, try to get better where we need to get better and try to really stay healthy and perform and have a great season,” Snyder told hosts Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller. “We’re excited. We have a tough schedule -- we know that -- so we’re just excited to get going, and looking forward to Monday night.

“The future’s bright for the Redskins. Everyone in the building understands the future’s really bright.”

Obviously, much of that excitement stems from Robert Griffin III’s healthy return. The Redskins’ second-year quarterback has yet to participate in 11-on-11 drills as he recovers from surgery to his right knee on Jan. 9.

“You know, it’s just a shame, because I think the injury at the end took away from so much of the success of the season that he had, and that we had as a franchise,” Snyder said. “But having said that, he is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen in football, and one of the most committed, smart guys on the team. And we’re just in good hands between Mike and Bruce and what we’re building here. I’m looking forward to many many, many years of Robert growing into his role as our franchise quarterback.”

Snyder also said he favors increasing the game-day rosters.

“I’d love to. I think it’d be great to do that,” he said. “And obviously we’re all concerned about safety; player safety is first and foremost. But I’d like to see that as well; I think it’s a smart idea. I think the time has come that we do that.”