Robert Griffin III Report: August 6

A look at Robert Griffin III's daily progress:

One day after Robert Griffin III hoped his practice routine would change, it did. However, instead of doing more, he did less -- but only because the Redskins did not do any 7-on-7 work, with their preseason opener at Tennessee two days away.

Griffin still got in his work when the Redskins went to their special teams portion, again moving and throwing from the pocket. He’s better able to simulate quarterback movement in this drill than he is during the 7-on-7 work, which is all about getting in sync with the receivers.

Griffin worked on throwing from the zone-read fakes, which require him to pivot his feet and plant hard off his right foot when he throws. Griffin also worked on deep play-action handoffs, then throwing around 20 to 25 yards downfield.

He was not always accurate during this drill, which did not include defenders. Griffin was wide on a deep crossing route to Santana Moss and missed his next throw on a deep out high and wide. He did do a good job getting his hips around while throwing on the move to his left, something that gave him trouble at this time a year ago.

Griffin did punctuate his work by running sprints after practice before doing his usual 20-plus minutes of signing autographs.

Progress report: Because there was no 7-on-7 work it’s hard to compare this practice to Monday. But the big key for me is Griffin’s work on the side field, because of how it tests his knee and forces him to move as he would in a game. His accuracy was not as sharp on some throws, though that was an issue for him at times in drills like this last summer. He’d have days where he’d hit everything and days where he was a little off. Today was a mixture. The throws he hit were on target, and those he missed were off by more than you’d like considering there was no defense. But he’s executing the plays at a decent speed. It will be interesting to see how much they increase Griffin’s work. On Monday both Griffin and Mike Shanahan let their positions be known. Griffin wants more work; Shanahan remains committed to bringing him along slowly and has made it clear the recovery will go at his pace and not the doctor’s or Griffin’s. What that means will be seen Monday.