Washington Redskins wake-up call

The Washington Redskins will conduct their final day of two workouts Monday, with a morning walk-through at 10 a.m. and an afternoon practice at 3:30 p.m. Here are three things I’m interested in today:

Robert Griffin III’s news conference. It’s our one day to talk to Griffin and, yes, we’ll get another update on his progress and how much more work he’ll get this week. It’s expected that his workload will increase, but by how much remains to be seen. Coach Mike Shanahan said he would get some work with the first unit in the walk-throughs, but the real key is when he’ll start taking the 11-on-11 reps. The organization is making sure he’s moving along at a slow pace. Griffin does few things at a slow pace, so he’s more than antsy. We’ll find out how much (though it’s not a bad thing if he wants to be doing everything now while the coaches say hold on. One side is ultra-competitive; the other is being smart). The only downside is that we’ll talk to him after the walk-through and before practice. One question I have: Did he think he developed any bad habits while throwing with a bad leg that he had to shake? It would be natural.

Leonard Hankerson. He had a solid preseason opener, but the knock on him all summer has been his inconsistency. Can he put together not just a good game or practice, but a series of them? It starts today. The turn-the-head-upfield-before-you-catch drops have to end. The Redskins once envisioned him as a No. 2 receiver, but he’s no better than a No. 3 at this stage.

Corner David Amerson in one-on-one drills. He has improved in this area and is coming off a strong first game. I’m curious to see if he plays with even more confidence after that first game. The one-on-one drills are set up for receivers to win; for the defensive back it’s all about competing. But with a little more confidence I wonder if Amerson starts to become even more aggressive. Conversely, I’ll be curious to see him in full-team work. The kid is coming along well.