Play of the day: Bryant's one-handed TD

OXNARD, Calif. -- Something stunning happened during Monday’s practice: Dez Bryant dropped a ball.

Tony Romo’s pass was perfect. The ball hit Bryant in the hands before it hit the grass. Bryant dropped to his knees and pounded the ground with his fists in disgust.

That was actually more memorable than the ridiculous one-handed catch Bryant made later in practice. Those kinds of plays aren’t nearly as rare as drops for the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver.

The remarkable is routine for Bryant, but a catch like this one should still be appreciated. Bryant used his right arm to ward off cornerback Xavier Brewer and plucked a deep ball from Romo out of the air with his left hand, catching it cleanly on the run and sprinting into the end zone.

Bryant’s hands are so good that he often makes catching the football look as easy as catching a tennis ball. That’s why his drop was so shocking and his one-handed touchdown catch not surprising at all.