Redskins morning wake-up call

The Washington Redskins originally scheduled just one practice for Tuesday, but that changed yesterday afternoon when they opted for another day of a 10 a.m. walk-through followed by a 3:20 p.m. practice. Here is what I’ll monitor today:

  1. Robert Griffin III. This is a staple, as Mike Shanahan likes to say, for obvious reasons. It’s not about measuring the progress of his knee as much as it’s gauging his consistency throwing the ball from one day to the next. He had a solid day Monday in this area. As he waits to take 11-on-11 snaps Wednesday, will Griffin post a second straight good day throwing the ball? The passes he missed on Monday were not off by much; in other workouts he missed by a decent amount. And he had a couple throws that required either touch or velocity.

  2. Linebacker Nick Barnett’s progress/Brandon Meriweather's snaps. Meriweather is the more important one because he's a starter and it was yet another good sign for him that he practiced as much as he did Monday. Will that continue? Barnett worked Monday for the first time in pads (or, more accurately, shells). Can he work a second consecutive day? Or did the knee not respond? Barnett won’t fight for a starting job, but there is little depth inside. Very little. If Barnett is healthy and still capable, then he at least provides a veteran with starting experience behind London Fletcher.

  3. The weather. There’s a 60-percent chance of storms this afternoon, which is not a welcomed forecast three days after a practice session was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. The Redskins had one morning where their walk-through was held at a convention center, which is not a big deal. They literally just walk through plays so not a whole lot is lost. But losing another practice would not be good. They can work in the rain, but if it storms they’re in trouble. I’m just glad I brought an old pair of sneakers to slog through the muddy remains of previous storms. Lessons learned.