Redskins go back to school for Philly

The Redskins benefitted in the 2012 season opener from the element of surprise, unveiling their new Robert Griffin III offense. The Redskins hope they’re not on the negative end of another new offense next month.

They host Philadelphia and first-year coach Chip Kelly, he of the high-paced attack at Oregon.

“We looked at endless film on Oregon,” Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said. “They do things in college that they can’t do up here, but it’s basically the same as what we saw on film last week [in their preseason opener]. Chip will do a great job there because they have great skill players on offense. They have good quarterbacks, the running back [LeSean McCoy] is extremely scary, their wide receivers are good players and they have a heck of a line.”

Haslett said there’s one foolproof way to slow a Kelly offense. One help for them is that Buffalo wants to run a similar up-tempo attack and they face the Bills in the third preseason game.

“The best thing to do is get three-and-out and you don’t have to worry about those types of plays,” Haslett said. “You have a plan for that. A lot of teams are going to that and we’ll get a look at that next week. They’re trying to rattle off 100 plays. I don’t know if you can get 100 plays in this league, but they got [86] off against New England.

“The best thing to do is do a good job on first down and put them in situations where you can get them off the field.”