Vick: 'I will be a threat' in Kelly offense

PHILADELPHIA – If you’re expecting Michael Vick to be more cautious in order to remain healthy, you have it all wrong.

He plans to be more aggressive and to run the ball more often, not less, in Chip Kelly’s option-based offense.

“I will be a threat,” Vick said. "You’ve got to take on a certain mindset that you’ve got to play the game all out. When you go into a football game not wanting to get hurt, trying not to get hurt, it doesn’t allow you to play the way that you want to play.”

Vick pointed to the 2006 season in Atlanta, the only time in his career he played in all 16 games.

“I ran for 1,000 yards,” Vick said. “I played all 16 games, but I played with a different mindset.”

Actually, Vick ran for 1,039 yards on a career-high 123 carries that season. He was also sacked 45 times as the Falcons went 7-9. It was Vick’s final season in Atlanta.

Since becoming the Eagles’ No. 1 quarterback early in the 2010 season, Vick has had two concussions, two significant rib injuries and a hand injury. He has missed 12 of 37 starts due to injury.

“You guys act like I get hurt once a week,” Vick said. “Some [injuries] were random, some were positions I put myself in, sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time -- two years back-to-back with broken ribs. Other than that, everything’s been pretty cool. If I can keep that to a minimum, I’ll be OK.”

Vick said he would continue to wear the Kevlar rib protector he has worn the past couple years. He said he had added weight and muscle to prepare for the physical demands of the season. And he said he had worked harder on leg strength to prepare for running the ball more often.

During OTAs, he challenged running back LeSean McCoy to a race and beat in him a 40-yard dash.

“I tested myself with Shady,” Vick said. “I passed that test. So I’ll outrun linebackers and safeties.”