Eagles cut 10 players, 3 more to go

The local broadcast of the Eagles' game in Jacksonville Saturday night included a recorded segment in which Chip Kelly talked about how tough it would be to cut players this week. These are young men who dream about playing in the NFL, Kelly said, and you have to tell them that dream isn't coming true, at least in Philadelphia.

It's something Kelly didn't have to do at Oregon, where he could have a virtually unlimited number of players on his roster.

While informing the players was no doubt tough, the decisions don't get really difficult until Saturday's final cut to 53.

On Sunday afternoon, the Eagles cut 10 players: defensive linemen Eddie McClam and Daryell Walker, offensive linemen Nic Purcell and Isaac Remington, tight ends Derek Carrier and Will Shaw, wide receiver Nick Miller, long snapper James Winchester, cornerback Eddie Whitley (waived injured) and punter Brad Wing.

The Eagles' roster stands at 78. They must get to 75 by Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern.