ESPN report: Pacman apologizes -- again

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Greetings from University of Phoenix Stadium, where the roof is still closed even though it's gorgeous outside. I can see ESPN's Ed Werder visiting with Troy Aikman at midfield as we speak.

Ed hit the ground running this morning with a ton of fresh information on the Adam "Pacman" Jones situation. Werder reports that Jones apologized to his teammates Friday for the distraction he caused by engaging in a fistfight with his team-hired bodyguard earlier in the week. Wade Phillips addressed the team Friday and then he and his staff left the practice field so that Pacman could address the team in private.

Werder also reports that team captain Bradie James had a one-on-one visit with Pacman, who has informed teammates that Tuesday night's scuffle with bodyguard Tommy Jones was even more violent than previously reported. (It's amazing that only a ceramic umbrella on a bathroom vanity was damaged).

James said that Pacman was extremely focused during the week and desperately wants to repay his teammates for their support. I'm sure owner Jerry Jones would like for all of this to simply go away -- hence his efficiently run internal investigation that resulted in no disciplinary action.

Jerry went on his weekly radio show Friday and once again attempted to pin the blame on Tommy Jones. And, yes, it's becoming difficult to keep up with the Joneses in this story.

In somewhat related news, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner told Werder that Pacman has not been around the ball in coverage much this season and that he's confident he'll have success throwing in his direction. Is this not delicious?

You have the 37-year-old Warner basically calling out Pacman right before an important NFC matchup. The one thing I've been told is that the Cowboys cornerbacks will try to play more press coverage in this game than usual in an effort to make Warner hold the ball. If it works, linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis will have a better shot at hitting Warner.

The Cowboys came to Glendale two years ago and quarterback Tony Romo had a big game. The one painful memory from that game was Ellis rupturing his Achilles' tendon. In a side note that may or may not interest you, the 2006 game marked the first time Tony left tickets at Will Call for one of Jessica Simpson's family members.

So much more to come. If you're a Cardinals fan, Mike Sando's NFC West blog is up and running. If you're interested in the Cowboys, stay right here. I'm watching Tony Romo throw crossing routes to Patrick Crayton on one half of the field and Matt Leinart is throwing fades to Larry Fitzgerald on the other.

Kurt Warner just took the field and he's launching pass after pass to Steve Breaston in the corner of the end zone. Not sure how he throws such crisp passes in a heavy gray sweatshirt.