DeAngelo Hall: 'I like our chances'

The main topic all week, well aside from Robert Griffin III, will center on the Washington Redskins' defense: How will they contend with Philadelphia's up-tempo attack under first-year coach Chip Kelly. The tough part is no one really knows what to expect from Kelly and the Eagles.

But Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall says not to worry. There's a difference between what Kelly could do at Oregon and what will happen in the NFL.

"I think Oregon, everybody on their team was a little bit faster than the Pac-10," Hall said. "When they played teams of the SEC, the speed leveled out and it was a different ballgame. The NFL, everybody's fast. I think guys saw that in the preseason. Everybody's fast, everybody's the best of the best. I don't think it will be anything overly complicated or we'll feel like, 'Man, it's going so fast we can't see it.' That's why we get paid to go out there and see things happen. I like our chances."

For the record: In the last three seasons Oregon was 1-2 against the SEC, losing to Auburn in the National Championship Game (22-19) after the 2010 season, but beating Tennessee earlier that season (48-13). In 2011 the Ducks lost to LSU, 40-27.

But Hall's right. You can't just assume his teams will have the same success because the talent level is not as unbalanced in the NFL. Besides, if the Eagles have success it'll be as much because of the offensive talent. If Michael Vick stays healthy and DeSean Jackson stays healthy and LeSean McCoy stays healthy, then the Eagles have the necessary talent to power most systems.

"They're playmakers," Hall said. "We didn't see them making a lot of plays in the preseason but they are playmakers. That's the only question mark. How are they going to use those these guys and how are they going to get the ball to this guy, this guy, that guy? That's going to be interesting to see how that works out."