What happened on Jackson's TD for Eagles?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Why even bother with the Wildcat formation when you can simply hand the ball off to DeSean Jackson on the end around and have him go for 67 yards? It's not like the play should have been that hard to diagnose. But the Redskins completely bit on the fake handoff to Brian Westbrook.

Defensive end Andre Carter got pinned in when he took a false step and then safety LaRon Landry also got caught up inside. Jackson turned the corner and there was no one who could catch him. DeAngelo Hall appeared to have the last chance at Jackson.

More importantly, Eagles running back Westbrook has been on the ground for about five minutes. Byron Westbrook, his brother, plays for the Redskins and is standing over Brian.

Brian Westbrook is walking to the locker room. That's obviously great news. He still looks a little woozy. I don't think we'll see Westbrook on the field again tonight.

Update: The Eagles just announced that Westbrook has a concussion and he's not expected to return.