Jerry Jones calls a reverse on Glenn

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
I've known Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for six years now, so it doesn't surprise me when he talks out of both sides of his mouth. He spent the first part of the offseason reminding everyone not to forget about the impact wide receiver Terry Glenn could make.

Quarterback Tony Romo, who has always been a huge supporter of Glenn's, echoed the owner. But when Glenn decided in April that he didn't want to sign a split contract that would've reduced his salary to $500,000 in case of another injury to his right knee, Jones changed his tune.

The owner didn't want to guarantee the $1.74 million that Glenn was supposed to make. Thus began a three-month slow dance between the two sides that was hindered by Glenn's firing and subsequent re-hiring of his agent.

On Wednesday, a source told me that the Cowboys were making a strong push to reach an agreement. And by Friday, Glenn told ESPN's Ed Werder that he had finally agreed to the split contract.

Instead of celebrating a negotiating victory, Jones yanked the offer off the table and released Glenn. He followed that up with the preposterous statement that the release had nothing to do with the prolonged negotiations; he just didn't want to impede the progress of young receivers Miles Austin and Sam Hurd.

Anyone buying that story should immediately report to work for the team's Web site, which is now featuring an outer space theme. As Werder first reported, several members of the Cowboys' coaching staff were advising Jones to part ways with Glenn. Jones was reluctant to go through with the release because it meant Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin would probably be his starting receivers if Terrell Owens were injured.

In the end, Jones threw out an excuse that he feared Glenn would be a "progress stopper," but did leave the door open for a possible return. The bottom line is that Jones reneged on a deal. For months, he asked Glenn to sign a split contract that would cover the Cowboys in case of another injury. When Glenn finally gave in, Jones left him hanging.

It's an embarrassing end to a story that shouldn't have received this much attention in the first place. Terry Glenn played four snaps in 2007 because of a knee injury that may eventually require microfracture surgery.

The Cowboys should've never been counting on Glenn in the first place. On Friday, they finally admitted that. Not sure why it took them three months to reach that conclusion.