Power Rankings: No. 16 New York Giants

A weekly examination of the Giants' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 12 | Last Week: 12 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

After opening the season at No. 12 last week and then committing six turnovers in their season-opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Giants fall four spots in this week's Power Rankings. The Cowboys, Eagles, Rams, Saints and Bears all moved past them. The Redskins slipped behind them. John Clayton is the highest on the Giants, ranking them 14th, while Ashley Fox's 20th is their lowest mark.

Personally, I voted the Giants 11th last week and 15th this week. I only moved the Eagles up from 25th to 20th. I know others bumped them up more, but I tend to try not to overreact to one game if possible. If they're as good as they looked Monday night, it will bear itself out over the long term. Regardless, a ranking of 15th seems about right for the Giants, given preseason expectations and their performance in the only game we've seen them play so far. The problem is, with a home game against No. 3 Denver up next, followed by two more road games, the ranking could keep dropping through September.