Let Portis play QB

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

LANDOVER, Md. -- Did you guys see Skins running back Clinton Portis remove his helmet and throw it into the bench. It may have been the Redskins' most accurate throw of the evening. On behalf of ESPN, I want to thank anyone's who's still watching this one.

It's hard to single out poor Sherm Lewis' play calling as a problem because it looks a lot like Jim Zorn's play calling in the first six games. It's not the play chart that's making this one of the worst offenses of the modern era. It's the fact that quarterback Jason Campbell is dropping back behind offensive linemen who shouldn't even be in the league. And it doesn't help that Portis doesn't have the speed to turn the corner. The Redskins released their speed backs, so it's not like they have an alternative.

There's really no redeeming qualities about the Redskins -- unless you give them credit for having winning personalities. The reason they haven't abandoned Zorn is because they realize what a mess this organization is. I keep hearing people talk about all the talent on this roster.

Would someone please show it to me? Albert Haynesworth hasn't transformed this defense into a fearsome bunch, although he just scissor-kicked his way to a sack. Right now, the Redskins are an embarrassment to the NFC East.

OK, let's get fired up for a Rapid Reaction.