Power Rankings: No. 20 New York Giants

A weekly examination of the Giants' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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No. 20 really isn't too bad for a team that hasn't won yet. Of the league's eight 0-2 teams, the New York Giants rank the highest in this week's Power Rankings poll -- well ahead of the No. 23 Vikings, the No. 24 Redskins and the No. 25 Steelers. So they've got that going for them. Which is nice.

I ranked the Giants No. 19. I still have them ahead of the Eagles. Call me stubborn if you want, but I'm not buying the Eagles' thing as sustainable, and I think there's enough historical evidence that the players on the Giants know how to win and the players on the Eagles kind of don't. But the Eagles do rank ahead of the Giants by one spot in the overall poll, and the Cowboys are five spots ahead of the Giants at No. 15. Heck of a start for the ol' NFC East, right?

John Clayton and Jamison Hensley are the highest on the Giants, ranking them No. 18. Kevin Seifert is the lowest on them, putting them at No. 24. Hard to argue they should be higher, obviously, until they win.