QB Watch: Eagles' Michael Vick

A weekly analysis of the Eagles' quarterback play.

Rewind: Michael Vick had a truly stellar game against the San Diego Chargers: 23-for-36, 428 yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions. The scary thing is how much better it could have been. Vick had one touchdown pass dropped and another called back because of a penalty. He narrowly missed DeSean Jackson on several deep throws that would have padded his stats considerably.

Fast-forward: In the Kansas City Chiefs, Vick faces two obstacles. The Chiefs defense was able to stop the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, especially once coordinator Bob Sutton adjusted his approach to Dez Bryant. Beginning with nose tackle Dontari Poe, who can produce the inside pressure that disrupts a quarterback's timing, the Chiefs have a lot of talent on defense.

The other twist is the presence of Andy Reid, who coached Vick for four up-and-down seasons. Reid may not have special insight into Chip Kelly's offensive scheme, but he knows all too well what sort of blitzes and coverages created problems for Vick. Should be an interesting chess match.

Going deep: Vick's longest completion of the season was a 70-yard pickup by LeSean McCoy that traveled about 10 yards in the air. It was all McCoy for the rest. But Sunday's game did mark the return of Jackson as a deep threat. That should help loosen up defenses, but only if Vick and Jackson can get their timing down a bit better. Vick missed Jackson on four deep routes before hitting on a 61-yard touchdown.

Prediction: With Vick, every great performance brings you closer to the (perceived) inevitable clunker. He has avoided sacks and turnovers superbly this season. Reid's insight and the Chiefs' talent create the perfect formula for a choppy Vick performance.