Lance Dunbar works on keeping the ball

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys backup running back Lance Dunbar has fumbled in the preseason and now the regular season.

He picked up one carry in the Week 2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and gained 12 yards. Later, Dunbar caught a short pass from quarterback Tony Romo and fumbled after gaining four yards as he was being tackled late in the third quarter of a close game.

The fumble, recovered by the Chiefs led to a field goal giving them a 17-13 lead early in the fourth. The Chiefs would go on to win, 17-16.

After Dunbar's fumble coach Jason Garrett didn't use him again.

"At end of the down, I just got to protect it," Dunbar said. "It's not like they're hitting it out or attacking me and I'm losing it. It's just me at the end of the down."

Dunbar said he's not thinking about turnovers because his coaches have continued to praise his abilities. After missing the first week of the season with a sprained foot, Dunbar returned for the Chiefs game and only got a surprising three snaps.

With the Cowboys run game struggling, there seems to be a need for a change-of-pace back in Dunbar, who is a speedy player who makes defenders miss.

"I'm not thinking about the fumble," Dunbar said. "It's me tucking it, just holding onto the ball the whole time. My mind is focused on the ball, if that creeps in, that's when things go downhill and I can't think about that."