Rod Marinelli is a tough teacher

IRVING, Texas -- DeMarcus Ware is learning that Dallas Cowboys defensive line coach Rod Marinelli is a tough grader.

After two games Ware is still looking to be credited with his first tackle of the season. He entered 2013 with only one game in his career without being credited with a stop: Oct. 9, 2005 against Philadelphia in his rookie year.

Ware does have two sacks, a team-high eight quarterback pressures and an interception.

“I was like, ‘I hit the dude a couple of times last week,’ and he’s like, ‘That’s not a tackle,’” Ware said. “There’s nobody without a loaf. Everybody’s going to have a loaf. He says a loaf is a change of speed. You can grade out ast like 70 but have a A-plus effectiveness grade, so that effectiveness grade is the main thing you want.”

The Cowboys’ defensive line has been credited with 27 tackles this season, led by 10 from Nick Hayden. Ware and Edgar Jones are the only defensive linemen to have played in a game without a tackle.

“The standards are high, there’s no question about that,” coach Jason Garrett said. “A lot of those grades for the defensive linemen are low, and I think that’s a reflection of the grader. And that’s a good thing.”

Twice Ware has had more than 100 tackles in a season.

“It’s on purpose. If I end up with like 70 tackles, believe me, I will have been playing my butt off,” Ware said. “I’d probably really have 200.