Eagles-Redskins: An instant classic?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On my way out of town, here are a few observations from the Eagles' 27-17 win over the Redskins:

  • What does it say about the Eagles’ situation at middle linebacker than Will Witherspoon can show up on a Wednesday and end up with an interception return for a touchdown, a forced fumble, a sack and eight tackles? Well, maybe it just says that Witherspoon needed a fresh start. He was on fire against the Redskins and we should give defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and safety Quintin Mikell a lot of credit for simplifying things for Witherspoon leading up to the game. By the way, Witherspoon’s big night also says a lot about the Redskins’ ineptitude on offense.

  • Before I forget, Redskins defensive end Andre Carter deserves mention for his sack, forced fumble and six tackles. He bit on a fake handoff to Brian Westbrook early in the game that allowed DeSean Jackson to take an end-around for a 67-yard touchdown, but Carter bounced back and was the Redskins’ best defender the rest of the way.

  • I thought Albert Haynesworth actually played pretty well last night. He beat several double teams and he had a sack and four tackles. You have to feel for the Redskins’ defense. At times, Greg Blache’s unit looks pretty strong, but they have to stay on the field way too long and the offense puts them in awful situations.

  • Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell told me late last night that it was his right Achilles’ tendon that was injured early in the game. On several plays, he needed to take off running but the injury wouldn’t allow him to do so. He felt like he could've gained 30 yards scrambling on a play early in the second quarter when Will Witherspoon stripped him from behind. "I pulled up to try to throw it to Santana [Moss] because I couldn’t run,” Campbell said.

  • Chris Cooley’s broken ankle is another huge blow to the Redskins’ offense. Cooley is Campbell's safety blanket and he’s one of the few weapons on the team. This should provide a great opportunity for former second-round pick Fred Davis. On Monday, Davis finished with eight catches for 78 yards.