Yards not adding up to points for Eagles

DENVER -- If yards were points, Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles would be awfully good right now.

Instead, despite piling up remarkable yardage numbers, the Eagles have lost three games in a row. They amassed 450 yards against the Denver Broncos, just 22 fewer yards than Peyton Manning &Co., and yet they were outscored by 32. In their Week 3 loss to Kansas City, the Eagles managed just 16 points despite 431 yards of offense.

That's almost hard to do, but the Eagles are doing it.

“At one point, I think, even in the fourth quarter, we had more yards than the Broncos did,” center Jason Kelce said. “But we aren't putting the ball in the end zone. I can't speak for the defense or the special teams, but it was just a very rough game for us.”

Kelly calls them “SIWs” – self-inflicted wounds like the third-down pass Brent Celek dropped in the first quarter or the holding penalty on Evan Mathis that ruined a second-quarter drive.

"I just dropped it," Celek said. "It was totally my fault."

“They're coming at critical times,” Kelly said. “They're the things that hurt you. Not only do you they set you back, but they nullify a big yardage gain. Those are drive killers. Good teams don't stop themselves and we're stopping ourselves right now.”

The Eagles were trailing 21-13 at halftime. Denver scored on its first possession of the third quarter, creating a must-score drive for the Eagles. They moved from their own 20 to 44 on two plays, then stalled. Vick was flushed and ran for two yards. LeSean McCoy dropped a pass on second down and Celek dropped another on third down.

The Eagles punted and were never able to get within striking distance again.

“They went down and scored,” Kelly said. “If we can sustain and score, then we can trade a little bit and hope you can get a stop and keep yourself in the game. We didn't. I felt that drive, offensively for us, was the biggest thing for us.”

McCoy rushed for 73 yards on 16 carries, but had to leave the game for long stretches because he had trouble breathing in the thin air. DeSean Jackson, the Eagles' primary deep threat, was targeted six times but had just two catches for 34 yards.

“We just didn't click today,” McCoy said. “I thought for a while we were rolling and firing back, but we just didn't get it done. It's as simple as that.”