Jerry Jones: That was Romo's best game

ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has seen every one of Tony Romo’s starts and, to him, none was better than Sunday’s against the Denver Broncos.

Romo completed 25 of 36 passes for a team-record 506 yards with a team record-tying five touchdowns, but it was Romo’s lone mistake -- a fourth-quarter interception -- that will be remembered most in the 51-48 loss to the Broncos.

“He’s tough as a boot,” Jones said. “I’m not the least bit worried about any criticism here. I’m glad he had this game. If he can get better, this ought to make him better. I mean, I know no one with the Cowboys have ever had a game like this. Now you say you’ve got to win, but no one has ever played statistically and executed and did everything, not only executed the plan, not only did a lot of the deal, but he also created, and he made things happen. Now he was certainly very creative out there today too. People ask how could he be both? How could he protect the ball? How could he have great stats? How could he have accuracy stats? How can he run the team? But do we lose creative Tony Romo? You saw it out there today. You saw the whole package out there today. We’ve got some creative Romo. We’ve got the other parts of him, too, that he’s been working on. I like what we got out there today. I’ll take a helping of that every time. Seriously, I will, because it’s such a great combination, and very few people can play quarterback that way.”

Jones even invoked John Elway, Denver’s Hall of Fame quarterback and current vice president of football operations, when asked about whether this is how Romo will be remembered: statistically brilliant, but lacking the big-time wins.

“They will until he wins the Super Bowl,” Jones said. “And then when they do that, the guy standing over on the other sideline or up in the box, John Elway, had those things said about him his entire career, or things like that said his entire career. He was a great player and we all know that, and he ultimately got his Super Bowls, and they don’t say that about him anymore. And I’m not trying to be trite.”