Big Blue Morning: 0-and-still alive?

Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants.

The news of the day: Running back David Wilson is out for Thursday night's game in Chicago, which means the Giants' offense will have to be even more one-dimensional than it was with Wilson in there. But it's OK because Eli Manning thinks the 0-5 Giants, who have been outscored by 100 points and turned the ball over 20 times and lost to both of the teams in the division's first-place tie, can still win the NFC East. Hey, you gotta believe. I guess.

Behind enemy lines: You're going to see Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wearing green shoes on Thursday night, and he's going to get fined for doing it. But before you think he's just being a knucklehead, read this and understand the good reason he has for doing it.

Around the division: Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson says Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis isn't fast enough to keep up with him. And it's funny, because while Phil Sheridan was working on this story for us down in Philly, I was talking to Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara in New Jersey. I asked Amukamara about the challenge of covering big, physical Bears wide receivers Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, and he said he'd rather fight those battles than try to keep up with Jackson, who's the fastest receiver he's ever seen. And when I was mentioning this conversation to my editor, he mentioned Phil's story and suggested I send in Amukamara's quote for Phil to use, which he did. And that's just one example of one tiny sliver of the massive, muscular benefit of hiring a reporter for every team in the NFL. You're welcome, America. Da-da-da, da-da-da.

Around the league: I liked this look by Jeff Chadiha about the biggest threat to the Broncos, if there is one. The other undefeated team in Denver's own division is the top pick, which makes sense. The Giants have lost to both the Broncos and the Chiefs, so this isn't their problem anymore. But since the Giants only play on one of the next four Sundays, I figure you all might be looking for other interesting stuff to watch.