Brandon Carr puts clamps down again

PHILADELPHIA – In the last three weeks Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr has had three tough assignments.

On Oct. 6 it was to slow down Denver wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. He caught five passes for 57 yards. On Oct. 13 it was to slow down Washington receiver Pierre Garcon. He caught six passes for 69 yards.

And on Sunday it was to slow down Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson. He caught three passes for 21 yards.

“It’s three hours I get an opportunity to come out here to play, three hours I get an opportunity to come out here and challenge myself and respond to the challenge that’s given to me by my coaches,” Carr said. “I’m just out here doing my job. I’m one level of the defense. They assign me with checking whoever, just like everybody else has an assignment and I have to go out there and execute.”

Carr can downplay his effectiveness all he wants, but all three receivers represented a different challenge. Thomas is like Dez Bryant. Garcon is Robert Griffin III's favorite target. Jackson is the fastest and quickest of the bunch.

“He has the ability to do it,” cornerback Morris Claiborne said. “Obviously they brought him here for a reason -- to go out and do that -- and he don’t shy away from the challenge.”

The Cowboys brought Carr to Dallas with a $50 million contract and the promise of man-to-man coverage. The move to Monte Kiffin’s scheme had the Cowboys playing more zone coverage early on, but over the last two weeks they have played mostly man coverage, and Carr has benefited.

“Our defense is going to evolve as time goes,” Carr said. “Right now, we’re in a groove with our coverages and with the defense he is calling. As we see more and more looks in this league and we play different teams, of course, you’ve got to adapt and play to your strengths and play to the things that they do out there on the field. So I mean, man to man is what we’re doing right now. We’ll be mixing it all up throughout the whole game. I mean, that’s fine. Whatever they call, we have to go out and execute.”