Leonard Hankerson says he'll play Sunday

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins receiver Leonard Hankerson said he hurt his right foot Monday when racing his kids up and down the stairs at his home.

He was limited for a second consecutive day in practice and said his foot remains slightly bruised. But Hankerson said he expects to play Sunday.

“I feel good,” he said. “I have to keep doing treatment and keep getting better.”

Hankerson, the Redskins’ starting Z receiver, said he was just having fun with his kids when his foot knocked into the stairs. He said he was wearing shower shoes at the time.

“Things happen,” he said. “You’re always gonna play around with your kids no matter what. It happens.”

Adding insult to injury: Hankerson lost the race.

"I tripped up and they kept going and left me," he said.

Also limited: defensive end Stephen Bowen (knee), nose tackle Chris Neild (calf) and safety Reed Doughty (concussion).