Tony Romo: Dez Bryant not a distraction

IRVING, Texas – Before the NFL Films crew released the audio and video of what Dez Bryant said on the sideline during last week’s loss to the Detroit Lions, Tony Romo backed up his Dallas Cowboys teammate.

“I said that after the game and kind of what happened was obvious what was going to happen, people were going to take it and run with it, it was going to be on 'SportsCenter' and all that stuff even though it’s wrong,” Romo said. “He’s a positive player, a positive teammate. He’s always been that way. He’s not a ‘me, me, me’ guy. I’ll say it again. It’s just proven correct about what he was saying and it’s good it came out. “

Romo acknowledged Bryant might need to be more toned down in the future just because of the perception, but he does not believe the issue has been (or was) a distraction even if some felt it might have been (or is).

“I think invariably any human being who can create a distraction should not do those things,” Romo said. “To us, it’s not a distraction. To you guys it is. And I think that’s part of basically understanding. I know you guys want to control the locker room. It just doesn’t always affect us. Like he said, he’s a passionate player. Does he need to sometimes maybe look a little different for what’s going to be written and talked about? Sure. Does it really matter in here? No. He’s a positive guy who loves his teammates. What else do you want? He’s passionate and he comes to work every day with a great attitude. I’d like a lot of teammates like that.”

Bryant was targeted only six times last week, but, according to ESPN Stats & Information, no Cowboy has been targeted more in the last three seasons of a game within seven points than Bryant. He has been targeted 216 times and Jason Witten has been targeted 199 times.

“You just got to find a way to get him the ball and he had two touchdowns last week,” Romo said “That’s usually a pretty good game, but obviously the guy on the other side had a real good day. I think when the season’s over, you’ll find that Dez had a pretty good year and he did a lot of great things.”