What the bye week means for Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- One of the fallacies of an NFL bye week is that a team "gets back to fundamentals," and works on things they need to correct. Not really.

The Dallas Cowboys will have one practice this week (Wednesday), which will last roughly an hour. Jason Garrett had a team meeting Tuesday after an off day Monday. The general health of the team did not factor into Garrett's decision to go without any on-field work.

"Typically, you go from Sunday and you practice again on Wednesday," Garrett said. "So we played late on Sunday, we come back, we got in at 3 o'clock in the morning, gave them the day off, it's the bye week. The biggest thing they need to do is lift and run and get some blood flowing through their bodies and we'll have a good workout [Wednesday]."

Then the Cowboys will be off until Monday when they will begin preparation on the New York Giants.

The bye week is mostly for the coaches to take a more advanced look at what went right and wrong in the first 10 games.

"You analyze your whole football team each and every week but the best chance to do that during the season is at the bye," Garrett said. "We've already started that process as a coaching staff to really look at what we do well and what we don't do well and try to build on the good things and maybe correct or get rid of some of the bad things. You're always trying to put your players in the best position possible. That's our goal as coaches. With every defensive call we make, with every offensive play we make, whatever scheme we're using in the kicking game, we're always evaluating the structure and the system that you have but the players within that and making sure you're giving them a chance to be successful.

"That's a big part of what we do this week and hopefully when our players come back on Monday we have a good plan in place for them going forward."