The Cowboys' rooting interests

IRVING, Texas – By Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys could be out of first place in the NFC East for the first time this season. By Sunday night they might be only one game out of third place.

The Cowboys have a rooting interest in what happens this weekend as they rest up on their bye weekend for their final six-game push.

If the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins, the Cowboys will be looking up at the Eagles in the division. It would also be Philadelphia’s third straight win, which would be a boost to its confidence. And it would be Philadelphia’s first home win since last season.

The Cowboys should want the Redskins to win the game so they can maintain the top spot in the NFC East, but a Redskins’ loss would be a huge blow to Washington. Last year the Redskins won their final seven games to win the division, including their Week 17 win against the Cowboys.

Maybe all-but eliminating the Redskins would be a better thing, considering the Cowboys will host the Eagles at AT&T Stadium on Dec. 29 in what could be their third straight winner-take-all finale.

The Cowboys have to be big Green Bay Packer fans this week and hope Scott Tolzien can deliver a win against the Giants. It’s just the Cowboys luck that the Eagles and Giants would play the Packers with Aaron Rodgers injured. The Cowboys might not be as fortunate on their Dec. 15 meeting against Green Bay.

The Giants started out 0-6 and looked putrid. They have now won three in a row and with a win Sunday they would be rolling into the Nov. 24 meeting against the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium. A loss would put the Giants in danger of being out of it entering the final stages of the season.

The Cowboys don’t want these teams to have fighting chances in December.