Redskins remain on Sunday night

The Washington Redskins haven't shown any reason they should be on prime time television. But that's where they'll remain for the next two games.

The NFL announced that the Redskins-Giants game on Dec. 1 will remain at 8:20 p.m., ending speculation that it could be flexed to the afternoon given the records of both teams. This means the 3-7 Redskins will be on prime time against San Francisco on Monday and again less than a week later. The Giants have won four straight, and the bottom line is a Redskins-Giants game still draws from two large markets and has enough name players -- Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Robert Griffin III -- to remain attractive. The Giants host Dallas on Sunday, so if they win they could possibly be playing for a piece of the division lead against Washington. The Redskins? Let's not go there.

The 6-5 Philadelphia Eagles, now in first in the NFC East, host Arizona at 1 p.m. that day and could have been bumped to the night game.