Jerry Jones won't buy into pregame hype

IRVING, Texas -- Remember when the Dallas Cowboys opened training camp in 2012 in Oxnard, Calif., and Jerry Jones invited the fans to watch his team kick the New York Giants ... butts?

While the Giants seem to be turning up the volume leading into Sunday’s game against the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium, the Cowboys and Jones have largely been quiet.

“I have never seen any pregame quotes or during-the-week quotes that had any impact,” Jones said. “If I thought so, or we thought so, we would really be encouraging it. And I would have done more of it.”

Jones knows how to sell anything, and he does not feel the need to sell Sunday’s game any more than it needs to be sold. The Giants have called this meeting everything from their Super Bowl to a season-decider.

Jones won’t even call this a must-win for the Cowboys, even if he is technically correct.

“I don’t know that I want to go that far because of how tight this thing is, just how we see at anytime how another team can win,” Jones said. “When you look at our division opponents and who they are playing, and you look at who we got to play, it’s hard to measure from here. I can’t measure it for us from here. You’ve just got to see how we can come up here and win this game.”