DeAngelo Hall endorses coaching staff

ASHBURN, Va. -- DeAngelo Hall said the Washington Redskins have the right players. That’s why he wanted to return last offseason in the first place. And it’s why he said there should be no talk of changing coaches.

At 3-8 and in Year 4of Mike Shanahan’s regime, that talk won’t fade any time soon -- unless the Redskins start winning. Hall, though, said that shouldn’t be the case.

“I absolutely would endorse these guys,” he said. “A big part of success is to have some stability. Anybody who has had success in this league would tell you that. The biggest ingredient was getting the right guys and we’ve done that. We had some setbacks over the last couple years with the cap and things like that so it’s hard to get a whole lot better. We have to finish out as strong as possible. Next year I’m definitely looking forward to this team being a contender for years to come.”

Even if Shanahan does return, there will be changes simply because the Redskins can spend more money in the offseason. Both starting corners, Hall and Josh Wilson, are free agents after the season. Inside linebacker London Fletcher might retire. They’ll need to find at least one starting safety and perhaps another defensive lineman with Stephen Bowen possibly needing microfracture surgery on his right knee. Players also know regime change could cost them their jobs.

Despite all that, and with the playoffs all but out of reach, Hall said there’s still plenty of motivation.

“It has to be a mindset,” he said. “You can take it one of two ways: You have five games left, let’s hurry up and get this over or there are five games left to go out there and show people what you’ve got. We have a group of guys who want to show everyone what we’re made of. I’m disappointed there are only five games left. I want to keep playing. I love playing with this group of guys.”

Fletcher also praised Shanahan.

“Our coaches do a great job of emphasizing situations, fundamentals,” he said. “[Shanahan] is always stressing the little things, making sure you do it. He’ll emphasize it all the time. If something happens in practice we’ll repeat plays to make sure we’re doing it the right way, the way it needs to be done. It all comes back to the individuals and players going out and doing their job.”

But they also know that no matter what they say a bad finish could result in big changes.

“We won’t let anyone give up on this team,” Fletcher said. “We don’t have those type of guys.”